Advertise on Welton Street Banners

In celebration of the New Year, we’re offering a special package for businesses advertising in the Denver metro area. When you purchase two months of ad space on our Welton Street banners, you’ll receive our Washington Street banners for free! That’s an extra 12 banners at no charge for two whole months.

ZoZo Outdoor now features an ad medium capable of reaching the 2,000 commuters that travel down Welton Street, between Park and 29th Avenues each day. These street banners allow businesses to capture an audience on the go with affordable yet effective ad space that reaches a large and diverse range of viewers in North Denver.

The 12 street banners that line Washington Street are FREE when you purchase our Welton Street banners for 2 months.

These 5.5 feet by 1 foot banners, made from all-weather vinyl material, present high resolution messages from Denver businesses to a targeted audience. The banners allow small companies to bolster attention to their business by capitalizing on a captive market of commuters traveling by car and train down active Welton Street.

Benefits of using street banners include…

  • An increase in viewer retention with repetition of ads
  • Reaching a targeted audience daily
  • Creating influencial brand awareness
  • Utilization of highly customizable banners
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