Downtown Pedicab

Street Blossoms Trike and Denver Pedicab Advertising

sign trike drawing with ad area_White outline

Let the Street Blossoms flower delivery trike take your advertisement all over downtown Denver! On this trike, your advertisement will travel into consumer hot-spots with heavy foot-traffic.

By utilizing Denver’s pedicab and flower delivery trike vehicles, your advertisement will travel to major events happening within the downtown Denver area. These pedicabs stay within densely populated areas, giving these 34″ x 46″ advertisements great, street level exposure.

Advantages All Around Town

Our Advertising medium complements your strategy by going where others can’t:

  • The location of your advertisements are audience driven
  • Your ad will be seen in densely populated pedestrian areas
  • Pedicabs are located at street level for maximum viewing
  • Ads are uniquely captivating with innovative placement

When used in an integrated marketing campaign, out of home advertising is a new, affordable and bold way to extend visibility and reinforce your advertising message. Transit advertising benefits include:

  • Increase in check averages at restaurants and overall profit margins for businesses
  • Improved message retention with increased frequency of visibility of ads
  • Frequent pedicab reminders increase digital activity on business websites
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