ZoZo Outdoor

Denver’s outdoor media buying company

Who We Are

Businesses now have the opportunity to reach wider and more diverse audiences throughout the Denver metro area with ZoZo Outdoor’s advertising platform. Advertisements gain coverage in valuable markets while avoiding becoming part of the landscape and risking overexposure.

ZoZo Outdoor leverages 20 years of marketing experience and community engagement to this new yet proven outdoor advertising medium.

We connect businesses with their intended audiences in a meaningful way by bringing advertisements into neighborhoods, shopping centers, medical complexes, and educational campuses in a non-intrusive yet effective way.

Let ZoZo Outdoor take your ad out for a spin!

Graphic Design and Ad Creation

Do you need help developing your transit advertisement? With an in-house team of award-winning graphic designers and an established reputation for successful marketing, ZoZo Group is in a position to help other local businesses maximize their reach to capture target audiences. Let your ZoZo Outdoor representative help create a campaign tailored to your business.


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